Smooth hair

Loooove TIGI Bedhead's After Party. It's "hair creme for silky, smooth, shiny, healthy looking hair". It makes my hair all of the above and controls fly-aways . . and it smells sooo good! Still 2 bottles of 3.4 oz for around $18 at Target, I saw it a couple of days ago. Be careful not to go overboard with it though and don't apply the product too close to the scalp or you'll have a greasy scalp way quicker than usual. Since you only need a little bit (dime-sized amount? maybe nickel-sized for me sometimes as I have a lot of long hair) the bottle will probably last you a long time. I think mine lasted for about 8-9 months of use several times a week.

Farouk's CHI Silk Infusion is amazing too but it's a bit greasier (on the hands), and the smell reminds me of men's cologne. :T So I tend to reach for After Party more often.


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