Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

Oh hi. A friend asked me a question about my Clarisonic today and it inspired me to post in here again... so I'm gonna post about a moisturizer I've been using consistently for the past 7 months.

To be honest, when I first purchased this moisturizer I wasn't even sure if it was supposed to be for your body or your face (I eventually found out it's suitable for both). I was in Lake Tahoe last December and forgot to bring a face moisturizer - I ALWAYS seem to forget to bring some very important step of my skincare routine. Anyway, we made a run to the grocery store and I decided to pick up this big TUB of Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. The air is super thin and dry up in Tahoe so I wanted something fairly heavy. It definitely did the trick and I've been using it ever since... even into the summer months.

Somehow, it's moisturizing enough for night time and light enough to use under my makeup during the day. And it's scent-free so it's great for sensitive skin - a lot of moisturizers contain perfumes/artificial fragrances that actually irritate your skin.

If you want/need even more moisture/hydration (at night) use a serum beforehand. Or, sometimes I take some argan oil and mix it up with some moisturizer in my hand before applying.

Be aware there's no SPF though so be sure to apply some SPF moisturizer along with it, or hopefully there's some SPF in your foundation. You should go for a minimum of SPF 30.

The word moisture now looks really weird to me. Til next time!

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