Target + Boots

So when my bff texted me today about going to Target to pick up some beauty-related items, I immediately agreed (who doesn't love Target trips?) and checked the running list I have going on my computer of things I need/want.

Ever since I last blogged about my Boscia eye cream (which is when I ran out), I haven't been using any eye cream at all! Yikes. I haven't had time to go pick one up, and I wasn't sure which new one I wanted to try. So before heading to Target, I went over to MakeUpAlley and quickly searched the reviews and settled on Boots Organic Moisturising Eye Cream... there were only 2 reviews (both within the past month), but both 100% positive. I'm guessing this is a fairly new product. I'm excited to try it out... I will let you guys know how it works out, all two of you. Hehe.

nice (sterile) packaging, i like

I also picked up a new body scrub because I had to throw out my Lush Buffy exfoliating bar... the way I stored it in a metal container made it stink so bad. While in the Boots' aisle, I saw some huge jars of body scrubs (marked down! hehe) so I decided to give it a go. I chose the Amazon Forest Mango & Babassu scent. I hope it works okay... there's crushed walnut shells in there as the exfoliating ingredient, and I know that's not too great for the skin on your face since the uneven granules can make small little cuts. We'll see though... I can take pretty tough exfoliating on my body. I enjoy it. Weird thing: it totally looks like Thousand Island dressing. And is more liquid-y than I expected.

yes, it does look gross 
what in the world is a babassu? apparently, these are babassu. babassus. babassi?

Like I really needed another lip balm ... but I also got the Nivea Lip Care (Milk & Honey version). I couldn't resist the markdown to $1.something from $2.something. I already use the regular light blue one, with SPF, and love it. One of my best friends is really obsessed with the Nivea lip products and recommended them to me ... so thank you.
Lastly, another highlight from Target: one of the workers rushing around clutching a stuffed bear outfitted in baby's clothes, like a baby. Weird.

Update on the Boots scrub: It's not scrubby enough for me. I don't recommend it.

Boots Organic Moisturising Eye Cream - $14.99 for 0.5 oz
Boots Amazon Forest Mango & Babassu - $9.99 for 13.5 oz (currently $8.49)
Nivea Kiss of Milk & Honey - $2.99

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  1. Ooooo...what is the eye cream supposed to do. Let me know if its good. I need one.