Pretend shopping

So many topics to blog about, so little time... but I don't want to leave you guys hanging so I'm going to cheat and just post a list of things I want as I'm browsing Sephora.com. I'm not actually buying any of these things right now but sometimes I enjoy a bit of online-window-shopping, adding everything I want to get to my cart, and then closing the window before I can check out. Haha. Does anyone else do that?

I've always wanted to try Josie Maran's line of products, especially the 100% Argan oil, and this would be the perfect way to do so. It seems like a pretty good value, too. It's apparently worth $55, but you can get it for $25.

I love her tinted moisturizer (oil-free of course)... so I'm curious about the foundation. Hmm.

I've loved this scent since I first smelled it around the time it was released, and have never gotten around to buying it because I feel like I have enough perfumes. But it's so nice.

I can't believe I bought one of these before, but I loved it. Since it is pretty pricey, I used it very sparingly...but I think I tried to keep it around too long because the last time I tried to use it, I noticed that it STUNK! So sad. Need to not be cheap with stuff I buy and just USE IT. Use it or lose it.

I'm pale.

I'm not sure which color but I've always wanted to try one of these. The image is of the limited edition color which looks pretty nice.


All images are from Sephora. If you want to buy these things, go there or Sephora.com!

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