MAC event - Venomous Villians

Two weeks ago I went to a MAC event with my bff. So glad she invited me and I was able to go! I was pretty excited for this as I love Disney + MAC and this was my first MAC event. But I had to remind myself to not go crazy! I picked up only 3 lipglasses. Most everything else I didn't really want that bad (blushes, eyeshadows), they were just pretty to look at and would be nice to have because of the different packaging.

Strange Potion - Right when I saw preview swatches of this online I knew I wanted it! Such a pretty coral color. Super opaque.

Hot House - I didn't think anything of it when seeing swatches online for some reason, but in person I thought it was so pretty with the sparkles and had to get it.

Wicked Ways - Love this. I didn't have a red lipgloss... and we all need one... so yeah.

oh wow that is close up. this picture makes me want to moisturize.
Strange Potion, Hot House, Wicked Ways. no flash.

One thing that was on my list and sold out was the Bad Fairy nail polish. I loved all the nail polishes but apparently Orly has knock-offs of the other two (Formidable and Mean & Green) so I was just going to get Bad Fairy... but I couldn't. It's sold out online too, but it may still be available in some stores.

It was super fun though, besides the crowdedness and long lines and things selling out. We got to take polaroids with Evil Queen + Cruella props (the wig!). Also, male models serving drinks (for the 21+) and snacks. :)

heard it was crumbly

check out MAC's website for information on the Venomous Villians collection.
lipglasses - $15.50 each for 0.17 oz


  1. cute! i like strange potion...and too bad they ran out of toxic tale everywhere! i really wanted that one...=(

  2. Yeah Strange Potion is my favorite, especially for every day. I hear Toxic Tale is similar to Vegas Volt, only pinker. Maybe you can try that? I have Vegas Volt and <3 it

  3. glad you were my date. btw, got toxic tale through bloomingdales.com.