Beauty for lazy people

Sorry it's been awhile my dears.

I've been pretty busy these days, and that means I often find myself in my bed at the end of the day too lazy to get up and get ready to sleep.

I can usually find the energy to drag myself out of bed, however reluctantly, but for those nights where I am beyond lazy, I like to keep face wipes by my bed just in case so at the very least I can remove my makeup.

My current favorites are Kirkland's Daily Facial Cleansing Towelettes. These are from Costco, of course, so I split a box of these with my bff (you will find I mention her a lot...). I think we each got a big pack or two and a smaller travel-sized one with fewer wipes too (pictured below). 

One of these wipes takes off all your makeup, even eye makeup and mascara.
They're 6 x 8 in so a good size - not too big (like baby wipes).

If you're using these just as a makeup remover, I would still follow with facewash or at least rinsing with water, and then moisturizer. That is if you're not lying in bed taking off your makeup.

I've tried several different drugstore brands of face wipes and so far these Kirkland ones are my favorite.

Good for: lazy days, lazy people, crazy nights. 

Happy Halloween!!! :)

Kirkland Daily Facial Cleansing Towelettes - $27.75 on Amazon.com for 4/30 ct packs and 2/15 ct travel packs
(anyone know how much these are at Costco?)

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