nail polish haul - colors i'm loving for winter 2010 :)

I hit up the best nail polish store ever again this Sunday and picked up a couple of new colors. When my sister gets into town this week I have a feeling she'll be stealing some of my colors, so I'm convincing myself it's okay that I'm stocking up!

I didn't have anything in mind except for You Don't Know Jacques, so everything else was an impulsive buy.. much more fun that way!

opi - you don't know jacques

From Essie's Winter 2010 collection, I got Smokin' Hot.  I was interested in the Hot Coco color too, but I think brownish taupey colors look kind of weird on my skin (sad, because I really love OPI's Over The Taupe).

essie - smokin' hot

From Zoya's Wicked collection (I think Fall 2010), I got Edyta. Sooo pretty.. I've been into all types of greens lately.. Essie's Sew Psyched, and OPI's Glow Up Already from the Burlesque collection (so pretty, but such a pain to take off).

zoya - edyta

opi - glow up already

Also picked up Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees from OPI's Espana Collection for my friend who wanted something like Zoya's Kelly.. Kelly was out but I thought SSitP was kind of close.  It seems to be bit darker and a little shimmery.  Hope she likes it!

opi - suzi skis in the pyrenees
zoya - kelly
my photos: 

smokin hot - edyta - you don't know jacques (with flash)
more photos!

same as above - no flash
suzi skis in the pyrenees - kelly - smokin' hot (with flash)
Oops, Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees looks pretty different from Kelly here.  I've seen them compared to each other though, on a blog, and on the nails it doesn't look too different. 

As you can probably tell I've been really loving dark colors lately.  I'm super pale.. so I think that's why it looks good on me.  The contrast perhaps.

By the way, there's an OPI app for the iPhone - it's pretty cool!  You can scroll through all their colors (even the ones in new collections) and adjust the skin tone of the hand on the screen to match your own. 

-Zoya retails for $7, OPI around $8-9?, Essie for $8 ... or if you're lucky, find an awesomeee nail supply store near you that carries it for much less ... like $4-5 each! :)
-OPI iPhone app, free. 

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