fresh black tea instant perfecting mask

Whaaaat, posting two nights in a row!  Lucky you.  I'm waiting for my nails to dry (You Don't Know Jacques!) so I thought I'd take this time to post about what is on my face. right. now.

Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask.  This was one of my sister's purchases a few months back that she shared with me.  It's a hydrating treatment made with black tea, lychee seeds, sake, grape seed oil, and some other interesting ingredients.  It's pretty expensive -- $85 for a 3.4 oz jar.  A really pretty white glass jar, though.

First of all, the texture is really interesting.  Fresh describes it as velvety and whipped, which I agree with, and I read somewhere on another blog that it felt like mashed potatoes.  Kind of true too.  But the immediate sensation you get when you put it on is slightly tingly and very refreshing.  Smells of cucumber. 

Directions are to apply to clean skin and leave it for 5-8 minutes, then rinse off.  They suggest using it 2-3 times a week.  I don't use it as frequently (maybe once a week, other than the times I kinda forget about it).  I've heard suggestions to leave it on overnight but I'd be careful with that.  It's definitely gentle enough for overnight, but I think I may have broken out a bit from doing that (at least twice) so I'll be washing it off before I pass out.

According to Fresh, this mask was proven to hydrate, smooth, firm complexion, improve skin elasticity, and skin tone, etc.  Black tea acts as a toner and lychee seed extract supposedly stimulates collagen production.  Grape seed oil is moisturizing.  All of those ingredients are pretty high up on the list, meaning they didn't just throw a tiny bit the formula and base the product around that so I'm impressed.  Even higher up on the list is sake (right after water and glycerin), which is good for moisture and brightens skin tone.  I'm surprised that's not mentioned more on the website.

After using it my skin definitely feels more hydrated -- it got rid of (and keeps away) of my dry spots.  It smells nice.  And I feel sooo fancy when I use it :)  So overall, I like.  Not sure if it's worth the price though.  I don't know if I'd buy it again because of that, but I guess we'll have to see.

Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask - $85 for 3.4 oz at Fresh or Sephora

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