nail polish collection

Instead of taking pictures of just my new polishes, I thought I'd photograph my entire collection.. here it is:

Just the OPIs (Zoya, Essie down below) ...

Sorry for the crusty one third from left..

Alpine Snow - Lemonade Stand By Your Man - Nicole Alert - Monsooner Or Later - Malaga Wine - Lincoln Park After Midnight - Lincoln Park After Dark - Black Cherry Chutney

Plugged-In Plum - Do You Lilac It? - Rumple's Wiggin' - Dating A Royal - Russian Navy - Hey! Get In Lime!

lots more after the jump! go!

Over The Taupe - You Don't Know Jacques! - Brand New Skates - Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees* - Glow Up Already!

Moving on to Zoya (love) ...

Kelly - Edyta - Anastasia - Nova - Mia

Tobey - Lo - Whitney - LC - Paz - Yummy

now the few Essie polishes I have (but love) ..

Smokin' Hot - Chinchilly - Sew Psyched - Pama

So that's it!  My entire nail polish collection.  Minus some ones I don't really care about or forgot about .. and some that I've donated to my sister..  And *one that I was supposed to give to a friend but forgot.  Tee hee.

I'm currently wearing Lincoln Park After Midnight.  I was going to wear Lincoln Park After Dark but it's a bit thick.  I think I need to replace it soon.  Can't wait to wear Zoya's Nova!  


  1. That's alot of nail polishes!! I always use the same one over and over again until they run out and then buy more!! lol


  2. @ Marcy - I'm obsessed .. I change my nail polish color every few days! I know there are tons of people who have a lot more than me though .. I try not to buy ones that I know I won't wear :)