josie maran argan oil

You know when you're in line at Sephora, and they have those little cubbies in front of you of travel size products.. darn those things!! I wonder how many times they've gotten me with that.. anywho there was the Josie Maran Argan Oil in a cute little half ounce bottle for $14.  It was on my list of things I wanted when I went fake shopping at Sephora.com, remember?

When I think of oils, I can't really imagine that they'd be lightweight, but argan oil really is.  I used it a couple times on my face in addition to my regular moisturizers but then I was warned (by my cousin - HI!) that it could potentially clog pores.  I'm already breaking out as it is, so I'm going to just use it on my hair for now, and wait until my skin clears up to keep experimenting with it.

Thought I'd share photos anyway.  Love the dropper.  My very first dropper product.  Very easy to use.

Josie Maran Argan Oil - $14 for 0.5 oz at Sephora or Josie Maran Cosmetics


  1. A friend of mine bought me some argan oil from morocco a few months ago and I love it! I just have a few questions though – I currently use it once a week at night – is that enough or should I use it every night? Also, I read somewhere that you are supposed to keep it in the fridge. Is that true? Finally, when using it in your hair, do you wash it out afterwards or just use a few drops on wet hair and leave it to dry in? Thanks!

    Argan Oil Hair

  2. @ Samual - Really depends on your skin type but it's fairly light, maybe light enough to use every night. I do! Maybe bump it up to 2x, then 3x a week, and see how your skin reacts.

    Never heard about keeping it in the fridge but did a quick Google search and saw that while oils don't need to be, but nut oils can go rancid in hot weather ... but nowhere on the product page does it mention refrigerating ... hmm, I'll keep researching this! Thanks for the info!

    Hair - use on damp or dry hair and leave it in :)