Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm

Reunited with one of my favorite lip balms ever.  Picked up one tonight at Sephora (another trip to the mall for MAC/Sephora with the bff) and I'm so happy I got it! :) Brings me back, kinda .. I used to use this yeeeeears ago and after I finished/lost/whatever my last one a long long time ago, I never replaced it.  I have tens tons of lip balms/chapsticks/lip butters/etc. but I haven't been totally pleased with any one of them lately, you know?  Maybe?

Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm (photo: Sephora)
I love this thing.  I'm seriously addicted to lip balms (I think I mentioned this before) and this is one of my top favorites.  I love the strawberry smell and it's just the right amount of moisture for when your lips are dry.  I hate when a lip balm is either too waxy (doesn't go on dry lips smoothly) or when it's too greasy (just slides around).

Packaging is okay, not bad - it's easy to use although maybe not the most sanitary.  It's cute, and you get a big surface when you open it up so it's easy/convenient .. just try not to dip dirty fingers in it!  Be careful if you're clumsy like me though - I dropped it once before and dented the tin on the side making it really tough to open and close.

Ingredients are pretty simple - "Petrolatum, Vilvanolin, natural white beeswax, a Trade Secret blend of Strawberry flavor, natural and artificial dyes".  Hmm... wonder what this secret is.  Good thing though is that it has a pretty good (low) rating on cosmeticsdatabase.com - 2 / low hazard.  Yay!

There's also a Rosebud Salve (rose scented) which I like too but not as much.  It seems greasier feeling and I just prefer the strawberry scent.  And another I've never tried, Minted Rose Lip Balm.  I might have to check that out sometime.

Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm - $7 for 0.8 oz at Sephora and perhaps other places too

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