January and February were bad months for my skin :( I was breaking out frequently, and though it really could have been a bunch of different reasons (stress, diet, sleep habits, etc), I was desperate to "fix" my skin care routine. I thought I would switch back to some products that I had used before when my skin was clearer and healthier. I do like to try new products a lot but I think it's too great for my skin, and I was thinking that I probably made too drastic of a switch a few months ago - I literally changed almost every single product I was using in a few weeks time.

I went into the store with the intention of getting a new face wash and I decided on the Boscia Clear Complexion Cleanser (far left), but at check-out used some of my beauty insider points to pick up this little Boscia kit! Perfect timing! It includes the Enlivening Amino-AG Eye Treatment (used this before), Oil-free Daily Hydration w/ SPF 15 (used this too), Skin Perfecting Primer (new to me), and the MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Gel (new to me, but I've always wanted to try it). I don't use my Sephora beauty insider points often (last time I used my 500 point perk was on a great Tarte set) - the 100 point items usually don't appeal to me - but I thought this was a pretty good 500 point perk! . I use every single item in the set and like every single thing.. when I run out of the cleansing oil I will probably repurchase.

So I've been using all of the above items plus some others for about two weeks and I've already noticed that my skin is improving!

Favorites: Clear Complexion Cleanser, MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil

The cleanser - I love that it's a gel that foams up - perfect to use with my Clarisonic. Active ingredients:
-Willow Bark: Unclogs and purifies pore. 
-Phellodendron Extract: Offers astringent properties and calming effects. 
-Licorice Root: Calms and soothes. 
-Geranium: Controls oil while repairing and strengthening skin.
I think it's just the right amount and level of active ingredients for my skin - really mild cleansers like Cetaphil just don't do it for my skin, and some can be too harsh.

The cleansing oil - check it out - removing some Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero

Boscia Clear Complexion Cleanser - 5 oz for $26
mini Boscia items from a Sephora 500 point perk

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