Urban Decay All Nighter

I'm sitting in 92 degree weather here at 5pm... in the middle of October... when it was raining last week.

I think I mostly hate being in hot weather just because of what it does to my makeup. Ok, today wasn't so bad, but there have been times when it was so hot I felt like anything I put on my face was just going to melt right off.

That's where Urban Decay's All Nighter comes in handy. I got a recommendation from my bff about this and decided to pick it up a few months ago so I've been able to try it out a bunch of times and I love it! As it says on the bottle, it's a long-lasting makeup setting spray. And it really IS long lasting. Supposedly up to 16 hours -- I don't think I've even had to wear my makeup that long but it has definitely lasted me up to about 10-11 hours and my makeup still looked brand new at the end of the day. It sprays as a really fine mist, and covers a good area per spray, so you really only need 2-3 sprays to cover your whole face. I use it after I've finished all my makeup, but before mascara so I don't wet it and risk smearing.

If you have oily skin (or combination, like me -- oily in T-zone especially), you can still use this. After I've sprayed the All Nighter and let it dry, I use MAC's blot powder in my T-zone to prevent oiliness.

Great for: people who need to wear makeup for long periods of time, a night of going out and sweating, hot weather, cold weather (to prevent dehydration), anyone who wants to look fabulous and not have to touch up their makeup throughout the day. Definitely a face- and time-saver.

deets: Urban Decay All Nighter - $29 for 4 oz

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